12 lbs In A 10-lb Bag

Got all the heavy gear into the new studio last week. Bit of a blur. Moving the Ostrander-Seymour isn't a lot of fun, not the least because it's expensive: takes four guys who know how to deal with heavy moves. In Vancouver the people to call are Salmon's.

The frame weighs about a thousand pounds. The tricky part with a handpress move is removing/re-attaching the platen. The one for HM's press weighs about 400 lbs, and it has to be lifted up & held in place while nuts are attached on either side to secure it. (Removing is trickier, as it can sometimesbind on the supporting rods.) 

Last thing on is the bed. 

The little Albion seemed to get heavier every time it was shifted. The crew figured about 500 lbs. It sits on a cabinet 24 inches high, with storage below. The two presses are lined up against on wall, and look lovely together. 

The new space is going to work out well, once I shed a few extraneous pieces of equipment. High ceiling, a big window. Not Open To The Public, so please don't ask.

HM pondering what to do now...


All 12 copies of Suminagashi are sold out. Shipping out before the end of the year; we'll be keeping people who ordered a copy updated directly. Photos of the finished book will be posted here when we have them.