Wil Hudson & Kinngait Studios

Last January I posted a brief biography of printer Wil Hudson, who had just passed away. That post attracted lots of interest, which isn't surprising given Wil's work and the range of people it had brought him into contact with. One of the people who responded to the post was Bill Ritchie, who has worked at Kinngait for the past two decades and is interested in recording its history. To that end, Bill recently launched a site chronicling the work of Kinngait, and Hudson's contributions & life in particular.

One of the things the site underscores is the scarcity of Kingait [sic] Press titles on the market. A quick tour of the 'net today informs us that only one item is readily found, a copy of the 1977 calendar (described as "Eskimo," which everyone should know in this day & age is not a cool word to use), offered on Amazon for an ambitious $5,000.

Bill's new site makes for interesting reading. Working in Cape Dorset, I wonder if Wil ever had to resort to the Restoration-era strategy for warming up the ink in the mornings...