Friends' Work


Some new-work news from a couple of HM's friends...

Sarah Horowitz has a new book coming out this fall, Lepidoptera: The Death of the Moth, with  stunning etchings swarming through the titular essay by Virginia Wolf. Printed, as have been her past books, by Art Larson, and bound in full limp vellum by Claudia Cohen. You don't see much of this kind of fine-press publishing anymore. Sarah's reputation grows, justifiably, with each publication and show. (Her books are distributed by Ken Shure as of a few years ago, so that should give you an idea of the level she's playing at.) If it's at all your kind of thing, don't think too long.

Speaking of Claudia, she's also working on the deluxe copies of the newest publication from the Library Council of the Museum of Modern Art. The Council issues an artist's book every other year or so, and Claudia has worked on previous titles (Vija Celmins' Stars, shown at top, is a personal favorite; an excellent facsimile edition is available). This new one, titled Tom Tit Tot,  features poems by Susan Howe and prints by her daughter, R.H. Quatyman. No specifics on edition size of price for the deluxe copies (probably 26 lettered), but the main edition is price at $3,000, so start from there. The Library Council's publications would make a good topic for a future post; I'll start digging. It's not that easy to find info on the series (i.e. easy answers don't appear at the top of a Google search). I bet they'll do one with Sarah Horowitz one day soon.

The last HM Artist's Pamphlet (My Dark Room) was a collaboration with photographer David George. Since then he has opened a studio in Seattle, and recently celebrated its first anniversary. Intriguing images created through manual manipulation and technical finesse. Very kool.


Here aren't some pictures of the new HM print shop.