The Long Run #2: One Side Down

Started printing the sheet with the title page for Types/Paper/Print. Today the inner forme: start of the foreword, with the facing verso a blank. The stack of paper spent the night in a thick plastic bag, pressing. Shown above is what it looked like in the morning, all nicely relaxed. The Guarro gets printed first: 70 sheets for this run, allowing for spoilage (i.e. cock-ups) during the five runs; then the Arches (15) and HM Text (15). Below is one of the handmades, after printing. You can see the edges lifting as they already start to dry in just the few minutes out from under the heavy damp cloth covering the stack. Because the sheets have to remain damp for three more days of printing, each one was lightly sprayed after printing, then covered with a damp cloth. When the run was finished, the stack went back in the bag.


Began the day listening to Ryuichi Sakamoto's elegiac Discord, the four movements appropriately named for the stages endured during a day of printing: Grief, Anger, Prayer, and Salvation. Started printing at 9 a.m., finished at 7  p.m. (Couple of short breaks in there, but worked pretty steady.) Tomorrow we start backing up with the outer forme: first page of the foreword (the verso) and the black of the title page.

Couple of new additions to the HM handpress library arriving over the next few days. Will name names next week, after we finish this sheet (unless it finishes us first).