The Long Run #3: Back to Back

Backing up the sheet with the page 6 (foreword con't) and page 3 (title page). First run, black. Below is the imposition chart, printing schedule, and dummy of the title page - what we're shooting for.

Started at 8 a.m. The excellent gloom continued outside:

Except for an hour in the afternoon when the sun (which we hates) came out, but then the clouds & rain (which we likes) rolled back in. No particular dramas with the sheet. Had a bit of trouble with the ink when we got to the handmades, but figured it out. Finished at 6 p.m.

Also got the two majuscule alphabets ready for tomorrow. The galley below holds, at left, one of the two 60-pt alphabets that will be printed on the endsheets (below is De Roos); the middle (a few sorts sporting red) is 36-pt Duensing and far left (36-pt Bembo), both of which will be printed tomorrow on the title page's top right and bottom left quadrants, in opaque gray. After the red run. Long day.