The Long Run #4: Red All Over

Up & atom. 8 a.m. started the red run on the title page. Finished by 2 p.m. Spent an hour changing the lock-up and getting the two 36-pt alphabets positioned. Lots of putzing. Had to figure the finer points out on the bed, once everything was in place. Used Bembo and Jim Rimmer's Duensing.

Mixed up the gray (i.e. about 25% black, 75% transparent white). Underway with the second run around 4:30. Didn't think to check that the alphabets had actually been recited properly until just starting the Arches run (i.e. after 70 impressions on Guarro) - d'oh! Luckily all seems okey. Finished at 8:01 p.m., just in time for Simpsons #500 - wuhoo! A new studio record: 200 impressions in one day.

Last run tomorrow. Will have to see if the plan to print a large area of transparent gray over today's alphabets will work. Can be difficult to print large areas on damp paper - too much adhesion. Didn't spray the sheets after printing today, so by tomorrow they will have started to dry a bit. We'll see if it's enough, but not too much.