Paper Should Not and Should

That's the trial binding for the quarter leather copies (numbers 11 - 30) of Paper Should Not Always Be White. Claudia will be dipping into her stash of kool marbled papers, so they won't be the same one on every copy.

We'd intended to issue the full leather copies with the seven extra paper (1 - 10) first, but there's been a delay with the leather. These quarter leather copies will start appearing after Labor Day.

While Claudia's working on the bindings, up here at the studio we're on track to finish our miniature book using the off-cuts from Paper Should Not... Printed the preface yesterday, on some unknown (but possibly Italian) bits of a lovely laid paper. As promised, we now have a title for the miniature: Uncommon Papers. Here's the sketch done at dinner last night for a layout.

The decision on a title was goosed by the fact that the only things left to print are the title page and colophon. Looks like the edition will be 25, as planned. Yesterday we sent Barbara Hodgson pieces of thin linen paper made by Reg Lissel (leftovers from The WunderCabinet). She very kindly has agreed to dye them a lovely deep copper-gold, as part of her ongoing dyeing activities for Around the World in Colour. Once dyed, we'll print a pattern of diamond ornaments (like the ones printed inside each paper sample in the book) on the sheets, and use them to cover the thin boards for casing the books in.