Loosing Marbles to the World

The first batch of Paper Should Not Always Be White, in the quarter leather millimeter binding, went out this week. Claudia's dipping into her stash of old Eva Van Bruegel marbled papers to cover the boards, so the pattern varies from copy to copy. Now she's ploughing through the deluxe copies (Get it? The binder is ploughing through the copies. Clever.) so they'll be ready before the Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair next month. Several of HM's booksellers will be exhibiting there. We'll post photos of the full leather deluxe copies when we have some. As previously reported, the edition is OP, but copies can be reserved through HM's regular booksellers. Likewise with Uncommon Papers, which actually was over-subscribed by one copy (our mistake). We had to give up one of the two edition copies we normally keep, and be satisfied with the trial binding copy in its place.