Uncommon Case Closed (By End of the Day)

Casing in miniature books takes pretty much the same amount of time as casing in regular books, which is one more reason not to miniaturize a book. If anything it can take longer because you're fingers keep getting in the way. The point being, we'll finish casing Uncommon Paper today, no matter what it takes.

Hate big squares (the amount the board exceeds the dimensions of the text block) on cases & bindings; very much of the Claudia Cohen school in this matter - a few millimeters is sufficient. With Uncommon Paper we have perhaps come as close as is possible to eliminating a square altogether, and the deckles on some bottom and fore edges do protrude a little, which is fine for a book about paper.

Copies will be shipped out starting this week. Forgot to previously mention, all copies are spoken for. As usual, if interested, contact one of the booksellers listed at right.