Just Look at Some Pictures This Week

A heavenly monkey shvitz near Nagano. Need to get one of these signs for the new studio (pix courtesy Stephanie Breck, friend of a friend):

This single photo should explain why it'll take Claudia a few months to assemble and bind the 30 two-volume sets of Decorating Paper. Schnell!

Meanwhile I'm muddling through sewing copies of the Agrippa monograph & sticking on the printed card covers. Someone should invent a machine to do this. "While the collaboration’s initial concept – a digital text that irreversibly encrypts itself during the first reading, making it subsequently inaccessible, paired with etchings that degraded over time – and influence have been thoroughly examined by academics, bibliophiles and Internet trolls, the story of its actual production has never been told in one place" (from the Introduction).