A Weight-Gain Problem

I've previously acknowledged I have a problem when it comes to book presses. Things aren't getting better. Look what I brought home this weekend. It looked like a nice 8vo size in the Craigslist photo, but turned out to be folio - the same size as the two big ones I use for damping & drying paper. My new second-heaviest press. Not sure where it will live; under my desk for now, keeping my feet warm.

Things are actually happening around here for once. Printing of Decorating Paper has been completed, and everything's now in Claudia's hands. A few detailed design ideas for Harold Budd's new collection of poems are being kicked around. And my make-work project from 2014, when the studio was in limbo, is finally going to press. It's HM's foray into the exciting world of cheapo paperback publishing. (Not really.) A 40-page investigation into the story behind the publication of Agrippa (A Book of the Dead). Most of the copies will be distributed to the many people who helped with the research. Although the publisher, author and artist would not answer any questions about the project, a few other people who were involved did. I managed to answer the what, how, and how many questions that had piqued my interest. Kept me off the streets while the shop was packed away.