Tidying Up, Found a Spooky Postcard

So we missed a posting day. When we start charging a subscription fee, then you can complain. We missed because there wasn't really much to say. Imagine if news broadcasts were only as long as the real news of the day warranted? At HM we constantly strive to set the example.

There still isn't much to talk about around here. Slowly getting things organized to start the metal type sample book. Part of that organizing involved tidying up the library, which is always fun because you find things you forgot you had. A few examples...

The second of two type sample books issued by Roy Squires. We'll do a future post about both of these, but for now...

A postcard covered in Howard Lovecraft's tiny writing, sent to Clark Ashton Smith in 1933. This is one of the cards that was sold by Squires (who was executor of CAS's estate, and distributed a bunch of cool stuff from it) around 1970.

Lovecraft letters and cards, while not uncommon, have increased in value over the past few decades at a rate most mutual funds couldn't brag. This one fell out of the sky, into our lap. The cards were issued in this wrap:

This little book may be the first issued by Denise Carson Wilde, under her Winter Lily imprint. She was a sort-of student/apprentice of Jim Rimmer's in the 1980s, doing letterpress job work. This little book (approx. 3 x 4 inches) is an accordion fold, issued in an edition of 201 numbered and 26 lettered copies. This is also the only copy of the book we've ever seen. It was a gift from Charles van Sandwyk, who had Denise print his first book (A Selection of Neighborly Birds) and his still un-issued Five Endemic Species of Psittaciformes [parrots] Found in the Fiji Islands in the latter half of the '80s. Denise issued two or three more books from Winter Lily in the '90s, but since then she's focused on painting.

A couple of books over at Letterology that we tried to buy but they're not for sale (yet).