Letterpress is Really Really Old

Here's a kool short film profiling David Clifford of Black Stone Press. Beautifully shot & edited, plus it captures David's quiet charm.

Here's a newly announced book for Pixies geeks (which we mention here because, while not geeks, we certainly have been fans of the band). Currently soliciting for "crowd-source" funding. The publishing trade used to call that subscribers, and sometimes they'd even print subscribers' names in the book. That's another trick the Pixies publishers are offering. Unfortunately the publishers appear to have chosen an oblong (i.e. landscape) format for the book. For aesthetic and practical reasons, books should never be oblong: first, if you shelve an oblong book with others of similar height, it sticks way out. Second, the wider page format puts much more stress on the spine and hinges, as the far-away fore edges of the pages pull down. Trade books are always just slapped into a case binding, and so the pages very quickly start to pull the case apart like a wave of mutilation. Third, when open, an oblong book is really wide; it's unwieldly. But for people who are into what this book will offer (and the publisher has almost hit his $150,000 target), it's all moot. Sail away.