The Wasted Book

Took a trip over the weekend, to gather papers for Paper Should Not Always Be White. Got some truly uncommon specimens; more on that project later this week. During our travels we also encountered a cardboard box full of mostly 18th century books. All in pretty rough shape - boards detached or missing. There was a 16mo copy of Gulliver's Travels, the complete tale, but missing its boards and title page. There was a complete (but boardless) pocket-size copy of Erasmus from 1561, and a few volumes of The Spectator. There was the inventory of a gentleman; the page shown above seemed apropos for the whole lot. None of the books justified - in monetary terms - the cost of restoration, but neither can they be treated like a box of soggy paperbacks. These things have lasted centuries. How many other books find themselves in similar straits. Millions...

Printed the above yesterday, a folder for copies of loscil's two prints which were included in the HM Codex Miscellany. We printed 20 copies of just the prints, for him to edition & issue. A thank-you for his participation. (We'll be doing the same with Harold Budd's shaped poem, "The Desert Tramp," as a broadside.) We'll post images of the complete set later this week, along with contact info for anyone interested in following up.