Shinsuke Minegishi Exhibition

A show of new works by past & future HM collaborator Shinsuke Minegishi has opened in Vancouver. The show is called "Transfer and Transformation," a title intended to be reflective of printmaking, the process, and of the artist.  Transfer refers to printmaking; a mirror image is transferred from a matrix onto another surface. Transformation refers to the stages of printmaking but also to the artist who evolves and changes with every new project.

The show is being held at Art Beatus Gallery, which was founded in Hong Kong in 1992. With the addition of the  Vancouver gallery in 1996, Art Beatus became the first gallery of its kind operating simultaneously on both sides of the Pacific. Art Beatus represents and promotes International modern and contemporary art with a unique focus on contemporary Chinese art. Shin's exhibition runs through December. 

HM's next project with Shin (it's been five years!) is planned for the fall of 2011, when we will publish a retrospective collection of wood engravings spanning the first 15 years of his career, with a new essay by him about printmaking.